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ASW Submersible Sea Water pump

ASW series submersible sea water pump has the features of high efficiency, energy saving, anti-winding, non-clogging, automatic installation and automatic control. In the aspect of discharge solids and macro-fiber, it has unique effect. The passing particle size can reach to 50% of the outlet, with the advantages of high efficiency, low vibration and good energy saving. The pump capacity range 2-2000m3/h, head 3-60m, speed 580-3500rpm, diameter φ25-400mm, temperature -20-80℃. It can be widely used in pond, transportation of sea water, fish and shrimp farming, water conservancy facilities, sewage treatment, mining, construction fields etc.
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ASW series submersible sea water pump advantages are as follows:                                                                                                                                           ● Using large flow-channel anti-clogging hydraulic component design, greatly improve the ability of sewage passing through, can effectively through fiber material five times of the pump diameter and the particle diameter up to 50% of outlet;
● Mechanical seal adopt double tandem seal, material is hard corrosion tungsten carbide, with characters durable, wear-resisting etc;
● Structure compact, small volume, easy to move and installation, no need to build pump room;
●The pump can work when submerged into water, pump oil chamber equipped with oil-water probe, when mechanical seal damaged, the probe will make signal after water entered into oil chamber;
● According to user’s requirements for pump protection can be equipped with automatic security control cabinet, monitoring the pump leakage, creepage, overload and over-temperature, ensure the pump running reliable and safe;
● Can use fixed coupling installation, double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, it brought great convenience for installation and maintenance, serviceman do not need to go into the sewage pool;
● We can change the float switch position according to the required level, automatic control the pump start-stop, no need person to supervise;
● The motor can adopt water jacket type outside circulating cooling system to ensure the electric pump running safety in condition of no water(dry).
ASW Submersible Sea Water pump composition

ASW Submersible Sea Water pump atlas curve
ASW Submersible Sea Water pump dimension  ASW Submersible Sea Water pump dimension

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ASW Submersible Sea Water pump dimension

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