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AZL series vertical slurry pump

Type AZL series vertical Slurry Pump is a new energy-saving centrifugal pump. The products are designed and developed by The Pump Technology Corporation, Hydromining Research Institute Tangshan Branch and Beijin Century Pump Co., Ltd. They are innovative in hydraulic designs, structural designs and materials of castings after integrating congeneric products throughout the world. The AZL series vertical slurry pump’s lead their domestic counterparts in various technical performances, with most of them approaching the advanced world level, and widely used for handling abrasive or corrosive slurries in power, metallurgical, mining, coal, as well as chemical industries.
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The AZL series vertical Slurry Pump is the reasonable design pump of high efficiency, reliable operation, long in service time, easy maintenance and low running costs to reduce mean the time between repair (MTBR) and your total life cycle costs and improve the productivity, profitability and pumping system reliability.

● High chrome iron, thick-walled construction with hydraulic design speical for slurry

● Repelling vanes on the front and back impeller shrouds

● Available coupled with agitator or hydraulic sparger system when the liquid have deposition phenomenon

● The bearing assembly allows the pump to operate in the "snore" condition without damage to the bearings

● The flanges meet ASME B16.5 and the customized flanges are also available

● Combining flexibility and dependability.The driving patterns of the shaft and the motor could choose the coupling direct driven or the belt driven with universal motor bracket 

● The bearings of AZL slurry pumps are lubricated by grease.

AZL vertical slurry pump applicationAZL vertical slurry pump applicationAZL vertical slurry pump application


● Power industry ● Metallurgical ● Mining ● Coal ● Chemical

Tailings disposal
Flushing ash in power plants
Coal preparation plants
Cyclone feed
Other industrial process pumping

 AZL vertical slurry pump composition

  1.  Volute Casing                                                                                                                                                                 

  2.  Impeller

  3.  Rear Liner Plate

  4.  Support

  5.  Left Supporting Plate

  6.  Bearing Body

  7.  Motor Supporting

  8.  Drain Pipe

  9.  Right Supporting Plate                                                                                                             

AZL vertical slurry pump atlas curve

AZL vertical slurry pump atlas curveAZL vertical slurry pump atlas curve

AZL vertical slurry pump Dimension
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