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Diesel Engine dredger pumps

The Centrifugal diesel engine dredger pumps for the river or marine ship or dredger are the series products introduced from abroad, and it could be installed on the dredger or barges for pumping the slurry, sand or gravel from the river. Usually, we adivse the customer choose the AMG series gravel pumps or WN series dredging pumps and sometimes, if the dredger is small, the AM series slurry pumps and submersible pump of ASW and QSZ submersible slurry pumps are also workable. The robust structure design with front disassemble way guarantee its extra long work life and easily maintenance diesel engine dredger pumps are widely used in the dredger, driving by the diesel engine of the brand all over the world.
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The specification of horizontal type diesel engine dredging pump 

●A horizontal, single-shell structure pump, flow components hardware nickel, chromium high abrasion resistant material and has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. Low NPSH must NPSHr.
●Matrix Road off circulation and can be used for large-particle abrasion materials continuous conveyor
●Drum structure bearing components, use high-capacity bearings design, use of lipid-lubricating bearings, lubricating oil used to adapt to different conditions. 
●Adjustable impeller and the clearance between the board to ensure efficient operation of the pump.
●Seal a packing seal, seal and play impeller assembled mechanical seal, adapt to different conditions require.
●Pump and drive straight for the choice of the drive, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, drive reducer.
●Pump in the direction of the export of a 360-degree rotation installation location to accommodate different installation conditions at the scene.
●The sand dredger pumps discharge outlet can be adjusted at any direction.
●G series centrifugal gravel slurry pumps can be driven with belt.
●Liner and impeller can be made of wear-resistant metal.

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It is always under the water level of the dredger. The typical structure of AMG series diesel engine dredging pumps:


Diesel Engine dredger pumps


1.       Shaft

2.       Frame plate

3.       Impeller stripping ring

4.       Shaft spacer

5.       Sealing assembly

6.       Bowl

7.       Frame plate liner insert

8.       Casing

9.       Adapter plate clamp ring

10.   Cover

11.   Throat bush

12.    Impller

The typical AMG series diesel engine dredging pump atlas curve:

Diesel Engine dredger pumps

The typical AMG series diesel engine dredging pump dimension:

Diesel Engine dredger pumps

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