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Diesel engine water pumps

The diesel water pumps,also call diesel powered driven pump. The water pump like QI end suction water pumps, QS split casing pumps and QD multistage pumps connects the diesel engine through flexible coupling driven or gear box, with advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, cavitation performance, small vibration, low noise, smooth running, reliable and easy assembly and disassembly.
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The diesel engine water pumps are the water pumps driven by the diesel engine. We could product the pumps with diesel engine and control panel in one common base plate with function below:

●Automatic start

After receiving fire diesel pump unit / pipe network pressure / blackout / or other start signal within 5-15 seconds to automatically start and put into full load operation;

●Automatic charging

You can use the mains or battery charging diesel motor automatically charged to ensure the smooth starting units;

●Automatic alarm

Diesel engine low oil pressure, high temperature, such as failure alarm protection, alarm and shutdown when over speeding. 

●Automatic preheating

Diesel engine in hot standby, to ensure emergency work

●The user can also request to set other alarm output.


The pumps always assembled with the engine in the trailer or skid mounted.


The direct connection is better way than sheaves when you use diesel engine.


You could ask the fuel tank from us or take the oil tank near the pump and engine set then wok driectly!

The atlas curve of QS series split casing pumps, which could be diesel engine water pump when driven by the diesel engine:

Diesel engine water pumps

Contact to get the engineers service to confirm what pump you need when you cant find the power or need the pump movable!

We will supply the diesel engine pump set with full install drawing and all the technical documents for the diesel engine!

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