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QDL series vertical multistage pumps

QDL pump vertical multistage centrifugal pumps for the transport of water and physical and chemical properties similar to water liquids, QDL type pump transmission medium temperature 0 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, QDLR type pump transmission medium temperature 0 ℃ ~ 130 ℃. Pump inlet pressure must not exceed 0.6MPa. The QDL type pump for vertical installation, with a compact, low noise, small footprint, etc., mainly used in the city town high-rise building water supply and central heating systems, fire systems, air conditioning systems, water supply systems and other industrial and mining enterprises.
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QDL type pump suction intake is located on the lower portion of the inlet section of pump, outlet is located on top    of the pump discharge segment, both in horizontal direction. The outlet of the pump can keep the angle of 90 °,  180 °, 270 ° with suction intake according to the user's needs (when the regular installation as 0 °).

Pumps mainly composed of suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment, bearing bracket, motor bracket, impeller, guide vanes, shafts, bearings, shaft sleeve, balance drum etc other parts. Suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment, bearing bracket form of working room.  Shaft, impeller, balancing drum and shaft sleeve composed of rotor components. Axial force balanced by the balance drum, remaining axial force suffered by the upper end radial-thrust ball bearing. Suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment separately installed with seal ring, to reduce high-pressure water leakage back room.

Shaft upper end fitted with radial-thrust ball bearings, the bottom installed with sliding bearings. Rolling bearing lubricate by grease. Hot water circulating pump using normal temperature water to cool. Shaft seal is soft packing seal, can also be interchanged with mechanical seal, lubricate and cool by pressure water of balance chamber.
Pump driven by a vertical motor, from the motor side, the pump is rotated counterclockwise.

 QDL series vertical multistage pumps
1. Section Casing 2. Seal Ring/ Seal Pad
3. Stage Casing 4. Impeller
5. Balancing Sleeve 6. Balancing Piston
7. Discharge Casing 8. Shaft
9. Mechanical Seal/ Filling Body
10.Shaft Sleeve
11.Water Retaining Sleeve
12.Bearing Support
13.Thrust Ball Bearing
14.Bearing Cover
15.Linkage Stand
17.Mechanical Seal/Gland Cover
18.Balancing Pipe Part
19.Last-Stage Guide Vanes
20.Guide Vane
21.Water Lubricated Bearing Body
22.Sand-proof Tube
23.Water Lubricated Bearing Body
24.Submerged Bearing
25.Drainage wire-Jam
26.Water Lubricated Bearing Cover                                         

QDL series vertical Multistage Pumps atlas curve

QDL series Vertical Multistage PumpsQDL series vertical Multistage Pumps

Parts of the dimension:

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