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QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps

QI, QIR series single stage single suction centrifugal sea water pumps(end suction pump): Single stage single suction centrifugal sea water pumps are used for sea water and liquids of salty solution with temperature not exceed 80℃, 150℃ for QIR series.They are widely used in all kinds of industry: air conditioning chilled water and cooling water circulation, hot water and cold water recycling plant, city water supply and drainage, irrigation, fire fighting, sea water transportation, construction, water conservancy facilities etc. The material can be changed to stainless steel material such as SS316, SS304 for corrosion acid liquor. Motor and diesel engine drive are both available.
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QI, QIR type sea water pump performance and dimensions is designed according to the International Standard ISO 2858. The major components are casing (1) casing cover (2) impeller (3) shaft (4) wear ring (5) shaft sleeve (8) bearing bracket (12) etc. 

QI, QIR sea water pump is divided into the casing and the casing cover from the back face of the impeller i.e. back pull-out design.QI pump has the advantages for ease of inspection and maintenance. When inspection, only dismantle the intermediate connector between pump coupling and motor coupling. The rotating element can be completely removed without disturbing the casing, suction and discharge pipeline and motor.

● Easy installation and move, open back structure makes it easy to take out the rotor;
● Discharge on top center, pump body support by anchor assure the stable structure and maximum resistance off-center and distortion caused by line load;
● No overload design, make sure performance operate stably;
● Adopt national standard hydraulic model make sure high operation efficiency and good anti-cavitation performance;
● Packing seal and mechanical seal are available. 

1. Casing

2. Casing cover   

3. Impeller

4. Shaft

5. Wear ring

6. Impeller nut

7. Brake gasket

8. Shaft sleeve 

9. Gland 

10. Water seal ring 

11. Packing 

12. Bearing bracket

 QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps composition

QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps atlas curve

QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps dimension

 QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps dimension

QI, QIR Sea Water Pumps dimension

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