QIY Oil pumps

QIY is the oil pump for pumping the oil or other fluids toxic, volatile, explosive or harmful to the environment. QIY oil poump is CE marked and compliant with applicable directives such as ATEX and is available with GOST certification too. It is developed from QI and the pump dimensions and the hydraulic coverage corresponds to DIN EN 22858 / ISO 2858 with water cool system and mechanical seal. The work temperature of the QIY pump is -20℃ to +150℃. The max work pressure could be over 1.6Mpa. The QIY oil pumps are widely used in oilfield, Oil refineries and petroleum chemical industry. The ruggedly designed QIY Oil Pump offers significant operational and maintenance enhancing benefits that help users to minimize the total cost of pump ownership.
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• The horizontal, single stage, single flow volute casing centrifugal pump of QIY oil pump is designed according to DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858.
• The CE marked and compliant with applicable directives such as ATEX and is available with GOST certification
• Back Pull out design. No pipe work dismantling for seal/impeller changes,accurately sets impeller clearance in 20 seconds, in the shop or the field

  The QIY oil pump features a reverse vane impeller for unequaled efficiency and performance. This design lowers the total cost of pump ownership by easing maintenance and extending bearing and seal life. In-shop impeller adjustment with the only impeller design that takes full advantage of the back pull-out feature

• Repeatable performance assurance
• Heavy-duty Casing with integral foot and multi-ribbed discharge flange provides superior resistance to pipe loads and improves reliability 
• Bare shaft and frame mounted for direct coupling to electric motors, engines or pulley drives
• Designed for vertical centre line discharge. Suitable for horizontal mounting
• Single or double Carbon ceramic mechanical seals
• Bearing housings fitted heavy duty deep groove ball bearings
• All bare shaft pumps bearings are oil bath lubricated
• The impeller is able to be cut by our engineers for the customer different required

1. Casing

2. Casing cover   

3. Impeller

4. Shaft

5. Wear ring

6. Impeller nut

7. Brake gasket

8. Shaft sleeve 

9. Gland 

10. Water seal ring 

11. Packing 

12. Bearing bracket

 QIY Oil pumps

QIY Oil pumps

The QIY oil pump dimension is same with QI series water pump

QIY Oil pumps

 QIY Oil pumps

QIY Oil pumps

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