Horizontal centrifugal slurry pump maintenance

1. Keep the horizontal centrifugal slurry pump clean, dry, free of oil and leaks.

2. Check the oil level in the bracket every day. The correct oil level is near the oil line position and should not exceed ±2mm.

3. Always check whether the pump is running abnormally, vibrating and leaking, and solve problems in time.

4. It is forbidden to operate the pump in the pumped state. Because the pump runs in the pumped state, the vibration is not only severe, but also affects the life of the pump. Pay special attention.

5. It is strictly forbidden to enter metal objects and large solids that exceed the allowable passage of the pump, and it is strictly forbidden to enter flexible objects such as rubber, cotton, plastic cloth, so as not to damage the flow parts and block the impeller flow path, so that the pump can not work normally.

6. Always check whether the pressure and flow rate of the shaft seal water and cooling water are appropriate. The method of checking the opening degree of the shaft seal water pipe valve or detecting the temperature of the stuffing box can be used. When the temperature is high, the water supply amount is insufficient. For pumps with grease packing, the oil should be refilled once or twice a day to ensure that the packing is in good lubrication.

7. Regularly check the leakage of the shaft seal water. When the leakage amount is increased, the bolts of the packing gland should be adjusted. It is necessary to carry out the change when the packing is needed.

8. It is recommended to use carbon fiber immersed polytetrafluoroethylene or tallow boiled cotton thread filler. When the working pressure is not more than 0.5MPa, asbestos filler can be used. The packing method of the packing should be filled strictly according to the following requirements: the length of the packing should be determined according to the length of the circumference of the sleeve. When the rings are filled, the cuts should be staggered by 120°. After filling, the water test must be carried out and run. When the gland bolts are adjusted in detail, it is optimal to achieve the leaking point and the non-threading state. It is very important to fill the packing. It is not only related to the sealing state, but also affects the performance of the pump and should cause sufficient attention.

9. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the pump, it is necessary to adjust the gap between the impeller and the front guard plate regularly (after a period of time, when the operating conditions are constant, when the current is slowly decreasing), to maintain it between 0.75-1.00mm.

10. Always check that the bearing temperature should not exceed 75 °C.

11. After the pump has been running for 800 hours, the lubricant should be thoroughly smoothed once.

12. The backup pump should be turned 1/4 turn per week to allow the shaft to withstand static loads and vibrations at the site.

13. If the downtime is long, you should use backwash water to flush the deposits in the pump before starting again.

14. Frequently check the looseness of the support mechanism of the inlet and outlet piping system to ensure that the support is secure and the pump body is not supported.

15. Always check the fastening of the pump on the foundation, the connection should be firm and reliable.

16. Special Note: After the new installation and maintenance of the pump, you must first try to turn the motor and then put on the coupling pin. Drive with the belt, that is, after the steering is tried, the transmission belt is installed, and the motor cannot be driven to reverse the pump. However, in the case of motor power failure, the backflow of the liquid in the tube reverses the pump, but it should be noted that when the height difference is particularly large (≥80m), backwater backflow should also be prevented to control the sudden reverse of the pump.

17. Before opening the pump, first open the shaft seal water and cooling water, then turn on the pump; after stopping the pump, the shaft seal water and cooling water can be closed after 15 minutes.