How is the slurry pump wear problem formed?

There are many factors that form the wear of the flow parts of the slurry pump. In the meantime, the wear mechanism of the slurry pump is questionable, and the wear mechanism of the different parts is different. The first three reasons are as follows:


  1. Erosion wear

During the working process of the slurry pump, the solid particles carried in the slurry impact the surface of the flow parts at a certain speed, causing the over-current member to wear excessively. After analysis, the erosion wear mechanism mainly include cutting wear, deformation wear and cutting plus deformation wear.


  1. Cavitation wear

During the working process of the slurry pump, the portion of the inlet of the flow impeller is located behind the inlet. For some reason, when the absolute pressure of the pumped liquid drops to the vaporization pressure at the current temperature, the liquid vaporizes at the local start, and steam occurs. Bubbles are formed, but these bubbles gradually move forward along with the liquid, and when they reach a certain height, the bubbles are drastically reduced, so that they are violent. At this time, the bubble starts to condense, and the liquid particle fills the pore at a high speed and has a severe impact on the metal appearance. As a result, the metal appearance is impacted and falls off.


  1. Corrosion

The medium transported by the slurry pump has a certain pH, which will cause corrosion and wear appearance to the pump flow-through parts.