How to clean and inspect the slurry pump during use?

The application of horizontal slurry pump in industrial agriculture is very extensive, and the market competition is also very intense. How to clean and inspect the centrifugal slurry pump during use? AN PUMP MACHINERY is a industrial slurry pump manufacturers and tell you how to inspect and clean the slurry pump.

centrifugal slurry pump
1. The centrifugal slurry pump of the whole factory is not suitable for disassembly during the anti-rust guarantee period, only the appearance is cleaned. Disassembly, cleaning and inspection shall be in accordance with the equipment technical documents when the anti-rust guarantee period or obvious defects are required to be disassembled. When there is no regulation, the following requirements shall be met: the impeller parts shall be cleaned, and the impeller shall be free of damage; the cooling water pipeline shall be cleaned, and shall be kept unobstructed; the pipeline pump and the coaxial pump shall not be disassembled.

mining pump
2. The cleaning and inspection of the disassembled pump shall comply with the following requirements: the main parts, components and ancillary equipment of the centrifugal pump, the mid-section and the set parts, the end faces of the parts shall not be scratched, and the surface of the shaft shall not have cracks or pressure,injury to other defects, moisture should be removed after cleaning and the components, parts and equipment should be lubricated and placed in the order of assembly; the vertical split surface of the pump casing should not be disassembled and cleaned.

heavy duty pump
3.The horizontal installation horizontal deviation of the pump should not exceed 0.10/1000, and the horizontal installation horizontal deviation should not exceed 0.20/1000. It should be measured on the inlet or outlet flange surface of the pump or other horizontal surface. The horizontal and horizontal installation horizontal deviation of the disassembled pump should not exceed 0.05/1000, and should be measured in the horizontal mid-section, the exposed part of the shaft, and the horizontal processing surface of the base.

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