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Paper Pulp Pump

Paper Pulp Pump Description

AJYseries Two phase flow paper pulp pump is a product developed based on the original two phase flow pumps produced by An Pump Machinery through close market investigation and carefully listening to user’s opinions. After studying the paper pulping and pater making processing and in order to adapt to the current pulping and paper making requirements. We have conducted careful analysis and research against the original paper pulp pump to optimize and reconstruct the original pump types based on sustaining and inheriting the merits of the original pumps to get rid of its shortcoming, in addition, we have introduced CAD to make its performance more reliable and more reliable in structure & more eye pleasing. It is and ideal updated production for your paper

Paper Pulp Pump Application

It is widely used for conveying solidsparticles or fibers mixed liquid, the liquid temperature is not higher than 80 ℃, the use ofenvironment temperature not exceeding 40 ℃, conveying theslurry pump concentration is less than 6% for paper pulp or similar lightslurry and less than 10% for heavy duty sludge or so.
Our AJYZpump could be used in paper making,municipal engineering, mining, environmental protection and food industrial intransportation, pulp, sludge, manure, sewage and other liquid similar.

Paper Pulp Pump Characteristic

1. High efficiency and energysaving.
The efficiency of pulp conveyed by two phase flow pulp pumpis higher than pumping water and more than normal 3%-10% in efficiency.
2. Good cavitation performance andlong service life.
Since the flow design for two phase flow pulp pump meetsthe changing of solid flowing, the solids runs along the middle line ofimpeller while the impeller only produces attrition and the cavitationperformance improves along with the increasing of flows, the change iscomparatively stable, so the service life of AJYZ paper pulp pump is 2 or 3times than ordinary pulp pump under same work conditions.
3. The Water conservation modelfor the two phase flow pulp pump is designed by CAD with wide runner, high concentration,good corrosion resistance and block free property.
4. Reasonable structure, easymaintenance.
Since the pump head parts adopt the front rear doorstructure, it is not necessary to disassembly the pipes in maintenance. Thedisassembly and maintenance of the pumps are available only by moving the motorbackward.
5. The shaft seal adopts maze-lipdouble seal and the seal box is equipped with packing seal and various standardmechanical seals. All are leakage free at the user’s option.