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Submersible Slurry Pump

Submersible Pump Description

QSZ submersible slurry pump is our factory technical personnel absorbing foreign advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of the majority of users, the design research and development, motor and pump coaxial integrated directly into the medium to work hydraulic machinery. The product is excellent selection, advanced structure, wide flow channel through ability, metallurgy, chemical, mining, power plants and other enterprise for conveying containing sand, cinder, tailings and other natural particles or liquids, it is the ideal alternative of traditional slurry pump .
The pump add a mixing impeller in the bottom by another except main impeller and can precipitate in the slag jet hit the water and solid particles into the mixing liquid, the pump in the case where no auxiliary means to achieve a transport of high concentration. Unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside of oil chamber, making mechanical seal both ends of the pressure to maintain a balance, the maximum guarantee reliable operation of the mechanical seal, greatly prolonging its life, the motor according to user requirements increase water testing, overheating and other protection devices that make products for harsh working conditions for long-term safe operation.


Slurry Pump Structural Feature

1.Machine is dry type motor pump structure. Motor adopt mechanical seal protection and can be effectively prevent high-pressure water and contaminants into the motor cavity.
2. In addition to the main impeller, also equipped with mixing impeller and can be extracted residue stirred into a turbulent precipitate at the bottom of the post .
3. Impeller, mixing impeller and other major wet parts using high wear-resistant material manufacturing, wear-resistant , corrosion resistance, non-clogging blowdown ability , can be through larger solid particles effectively .
4. No limitation by suction head , high efficiency suction slag , more thoroughly cleaning .
5. Without auxiliary vacuum pumps, investment cheaper.
6. No equipped with auxiliary mixing or spraying devices , operation more convenient .
7. Motor submerged, without building complex ground protection and fixtures, management more convenient and easy.
8. Mixing impeller direct contact deposition surface, control concentration through dive depth , therefore concentration control more comfortable.
9. Device directly submerged to work, no noise and vibration, scene cleaner.

Submersible dewatering Electric Pump

Submersible Slurry Pump Application

Construction & tunneling: transferring and removing drilling residue
Mining & quarrying: cleaning main drainage basins of settled solids, slurry tailings removal/reprocessing
Industrial: transporting abrasive run-off from storage, cleaning conveyor areas, draining overflow sumps as well as pulp and paper tanks
Municipal: removal of sediment from grit chambers/sand traps
• Coal washing water
• Sump cleaning and cleaning of settling ponds
• Dredging
• Coal and ore slurries
• Grit removal in sewage treatments plants
• Cooling water/mill scale pumping in iron/steel production
• Bentonite pumping
• Various drainage applications in quarries and mines


1.ring 2.electric cable 3.cable outlet cover 4.Up cover motor
5.bearing 6.motor casing 7.stator 8.rotor shaft
9.double row bearings 10.mechanical seal 11.oil chamber
12.skeleton seal 13. wear ring 14. Casing 15.Impeller 16. suction plate
17. base plate 18. agitator 19. impeller nut 20.outlet flange 21.oil chamber cover

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