what is the dredger pump?

Maybe you are using the dredging pump everyday but do you now what is the dredger pump?


Dredging pump is driven to pump the sand mixed with water ( or it says slurry) and the most popular one is the centrifugal dredging pump. It is centrifugal pump and driven the sand mixed with water by rotating of the impeller.

80% or more design add 80% water, which means one cubic meter sand with 4 cubic meter water to let the pump easy to transfer but it should be calculated by your engineers after checking the conditions of your site.

What? Not understand what is say at all? It is OK, let us see the word, dredger, especially cutter suction dredger ship. There is cutter, jet pump and gravel pump as the basic work end composition with engine and if you still not know what it is, please contact us.

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