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Ceramic lining pump structure
Ceramic lining pump is a high efficiency centrifugal pump with axial suction, vertical exhaust, pump body and foot support and back-pull structure.
The outer metal shell adopts rigid structure and forms integral bearing parts with ceramic lining materials.
Impeller and other flow parts are all lined with ceramic surface, especially suitable for conveying strong wear, strong corrosive medium.


Ceramic lining pump core technology
New materials: Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance of composite ceramic materials.
Innovative design: According to many key technical requirements such as ceramic material properties, molding process, heat curing treatment, etc.The integral forming structure of metal-lined ceramics such as pump body, impeller and guard plate was developed.
New Process: Ceramic-Metal Composite Manufacturing Technology.


Ceramic metal composite manufacturing process
All parts in contact with the medium are made of composite ceramics.
1.The impeller is made of all-ceramic material and embedded with metal hub, which not only ensures wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also ensures the transmission of power and torque, and is safe and reliable.
2.The pump casing and cover are lined with ceramics and covered with metal outside to bear liquid pressure and reduce deformation.
3.Ensure that the combination of ceramic and metal parts is firm and reliable.

Ceramic lining pump

Advantages of ceramic slurry pump
1.Strong wear resistance, the life of the wet parts is 3.51 times that of the Cr30 wear resistant alloy;
2.Excellent chemical stability, suitable for PH0-12 various acid – base (except hydrofluoric acid) solvents, and strong oxidation resistance;
3.High and certain concentration of large particle impact resistance, some products can challenge a period of rough wear conditions;
4.Excellent anti-cavitation performance;
5.Small volume density, impeller weight is lighter, higher efficient

Other applications: ceramic repair


It can not only repair the static equipment, but also repair the rotating equipment, saving the cost of spare parts and extending the service life of the equipment
It can be repaired on site or repaired at the factory, and the construction is flexible.

It can repair the surface of ceramic parts and metal surface defects, and has strong adaptability.
The surface treatment is simple, almost all surface defects can be repaired, and the bonding strength is high, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Complete curing time of 6 hours, complete maintenance and equipment recovery, and ensure production needs.