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Sand Gravel Pump

AMG Sand Gravel Pump Description

AMG series gravel pump mainly used for continuous conveying of high abrasive material which contain big solids, suitable for dredger dredging, absorption of gravel, dredging river, mining and metal smelting slag conveying etc.
The discharge direction can be oriented in any direction of 360 degrees, easy installation and operation.

Sand Gravel Pump Structure


1.Shaft  2.Frame plate  3.Impeller stripping ring  4.Shaft spacer  5.Sealing assembly
6.Bowl  7.Frame plate liner insert  8. Pump casing  9.Adapter plate clamp ring  10.Pump cover
11.Throat bush  12.Impeller  13.Flange

AMG Sand Gravel Pump Application

(1)Sand and Gravel
The Heavy Duty Gravel Pump is designed for higher head duties such as cyclone feed, long distance pipelines and high static discharge heads.
The Heavy Duty Dredge Pump, is specifically designed for low head duties such as hopper dredging and barge loading.
(2)Sugar Beet & Other Root Vegetables
With special impellers designed to prevent damage to the solids the Dredge pump is widely used for handling Sugar Beet and other vegetable products
(3)Slag Granulation
Low NPSH requirements and robust design make the Dredge and Gravel pumps suitable for applications on slurries with higher than normal temperatures.
Severe space limitations and tough operating conditions are normal in tunneling applications. The Gravel pump’s compact design and optional impact resistant cast steel components make it ideally suited for the varied sub soils and long tunnel lengths that require a pump capable of multi staging on a high flow, high pressure, often surging application.
Heavy Mining Discharge
Explosive Sludge In Metal Smelting
River And Pond Dredging
Sand Excavation
Coal Washing
Power Plant
Mineral Processing Plants
Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA Applications

AMG Sand Gravel Pump Atlas Curve


AMG Sand Gravel Pump Data Sheet